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Another Disturbing Sexual Assault in Twin Falls by Muslim perpetrator/Idaho Refugee office warns Idahoans to be careful what they say around refugees

NEW*  Dems wants to give US jobs to Syrian refugees
"In recent months, the mass importation of refugees has become a topic of controversy in Idaho— as American communities have struggled with some unique assimilation challenges posed by large-scale migration from the Third World.
In June, Iraqi and Sudanese refugees allegedly sexually assaulted a five year-old American girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. According to allegations, one refugee attempted to anally and orally penetrate the five-year-old, in addition to urinating on her, while another refugee watched and filmed the assault.
In an interview with Breitbart News, the father of the American girl said he had watched thirty seconds of the tape:
Thirty seconds showed them in the laundry room, they pulled my daughter around, pushed her up against the wall, pulled her pants off, he dropped his pants, he was trying to get her from behind… after that… [he] tried doing the front… oral [sex] with her, he shoved it in her mouth…He peed all over her in her mouth, all over her body, her face, head… [he] defiled her.
Then in August, an African refugee, Mohammed Hussein Elda, allegedly trapped and sexually assaulted a 33 year-old mentally disabled woman in Twin Falls, Idaho.
In order to deal with some of the challenges to assimilation, the Office for Idaho Refugees produced a brochure to help American employers who are looking to hire refugees and need assistance in dealing with the cultural differences of new arrivals from the third world.
The brochure recommends, in some cases, avoiding eye contact with migrant employees, which for Burmese migrants can be “considered an act of challenge”. The brochure also recommends avoiding discussion about employee’s female family members, which to Afghan migrants can be seen as “an act requiring revenge”.Clinton concluded the CGI discussion by praising Ulukaya for his work in Twin Fall..."

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO — A town that was recently rocked by the horrific gang-rape of a five-year-old girl by refugee boys has had an arrest in a case involving charges of another disturbing sexual assault case last weekend.

Mohammed Hussein I. Eldai, 28, is facing charges of felony sexual assault of a vulnerable adult for an attack that happened Friday afternoon.
The alleged victim, who has been diagnosed with mental retardation, encountered Eldai when she was out for a walk in the Saturday afternoon heat and laid down to take a nap.
Read more by clicking here

BREAKING: ISIS Knife Attack in this American City (UPDATED)
ISIS Knife Attack at this American apartment complex

The FBI has launched a federal terrorism investigation into a weekend stabbing in Roanoke, Va., looking at whether the attacker may have been trying to behead his victim in an allegedISIS-inspired assault, sources tell ABC News.

Federal authorities have been aware of the alleged attacker, 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui, of the Roanoke area, for some time, sources familiar with the case told ABC News. In the past year, he traveled to Turkey and may have tried to sneak into Syria, where ISIS is recruiting and inspiring sympathizers from across the world, sources said.
Read more at http://americanactionnews.com/articles/breaking-isis-knife-attack-at-this-american-airport#Oh2cqORymcjVAeeS.99
Muslim refugee collects US welfare for 4 years to join ISIS
Iranian refugee Adnan Fazeli became radicalized after moving to Maine in 2009.
After collecting welfare for four years Adnan left 
his wife and three kids and joined ISIS in Syria where he was killed.

Monday, August 1, 2016

8/1-Latest developments Twin Falls refugee rape cover-up/Refugees devastate Twin Falls/Media corruption/why victim's family is not getting more help

 There is much that has come out about the cover-up by Twin Falls authorities and the Twin Falls rape case.  For a full listing see here  Idaho Falls sexual assault articles- updated
Last week-Twin Fall Prosecutor fails to give accurate answers about refugees-
Remember that the rape (as defined by Idaho law) occurred on June 2, 2016, and the community didn’t approach the city council until June 13, 2016 when it became apparent that little or no action had been taken. (The Idaho Criminal Code defines rape as “the penetration, however slight, of the oral, anal or vaginal opening with a penis,” which makes this a rape case.) The fact that city council had no idea that a rape even occurred demonstrates that the media failed in its duty to the public...
Prosecutor: “As a result of the largely inaccurate reporting, many of these people are being subjected to vicious attacks and threats.”
Response: Vicious attacks, not motivated by media, happened in a laundry room against a fragile little girl. That justice be served and services be provided to this child and her family is the significant issue. Threats against the family, along with suspicious or intrusive behavior, have been reported to the police department. For example, the victim’s family called 911 on July 9 around 11:30PM, terrified because their home was being hit by something. Police arrived and indicated that it was most likely bottle rockets being shot by nearby youth.
Those are the real threats. I trust that if you or your staff have also received threats, that these will receive more careful and persistent law enforcement attention than this little girl and her family have received.
As for “inaccurate reporting,” Mr. Loebs, if your local media is reporting inaccurately, you have a responsibility to address it. You have given countless interviews; the mother of the victim gave only one.
There were numerous stories challenging the victim family’s account of events, saying various aspects of the story were false, and implying that the whole thing was fabricated by anti-migrant racists (from KBOI, the Idaho Statesman, Raw Story, Spokesman.com, and many others). These were based on interviews given by officials including Loebs, led to the HOAX flag being put on the GoFundMe account that the community had begun for the victim’s family. So while Loebs’ office is responsible for Victim’s Services, it is apparent that he actually led the media to print things that were unintentionally harmful to the victim. This family has yet to receive any victim’s services at all. They don’t own a car, and still live next door to the perpetrator, who now has only a 100-foot restriction on him, rather than the original 300 yards.....Read More at Twin Fall Prosecutor fails to give accurate answers about refugees-
Prosecutor  Loebs said: “The victim and her family continue to be served by Victim Services officials in the Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. My office is in constant contact with the family and any and all questions they have are being answered and counseling and other services are being offered.”
Yet on July 25, 2016, the father of the victim called the State of Idaho Industrial Commission and was told once again that his application for victim services was not complete because they have not received all the information necessary to process it. So how does Loeb explain his claim that the family is “continuing to be served” by Victim Services?
Loebs also admitted that one of the perpetrators’ families was still living next door to the victims, in defiance of an eviction order. The rapist is, in fact, still living next to his victim, and only needs to yield to a 100-foot restraining order. This situation is unacceptable to Americans, and it ought to be unacceptable to Loebs as well. Yet Loebs said he “does not have any indication of the victims being harassed.”
Loebs knows that the rapist was never arrested, was never removed from his home, and plays unrestrained in the complex under supervision. “Harassment”? Yes: the victim’s family is living in fear, remaining indoors and away from the community.
This ongoing coverup is unconscionable. Loebs needs to come clean and start serving the people, not the elites. As one Twin Falls resident told the City Council when they complained of getting bad press: “Sorry you feel like you’re being attacked, but this little girl was attacked.” It’s time that Twin Falls and Idaho officials stop the politically correct nonsense and remember that fact.
Muslim refugees devastate community-
“The victim’s family has received no assistance — no financial aid from federal or state programs to help them relocate. It is almost impossible to find a place to rent because of the housing shortage due to the sudden crush of refugees. Rents have gone way up as well. The five-year-old rape victim is still living next door to the ringleader of the Muslim mob that raped her.”
That family’s story is terrible, and it is just one of many that illustrate the devastation that the Muslim migrant influx is bringing to American communities.
The Muslim migrants have devastated Twin Falls. The refugees in this community are often living in squalor; Twin Falls has repeated bedbug epidemics at their low-class motels. A Twin Falls resident who is a friend of the victim’s family and wished to remain anonymous told me about the wake of the Muslim migrant invasion: trashed apartment buildings, cockroach infested with broken lighting in the stairwells, broken stair banisters, and more...
Ruf and other Twin Falls residents have seen prostitutes going in and out of one of the migrant’s apartments; Ruf also recounted that one Sunday afternoon, she was with a group of Twin Falls residents that encountered a repellent prostitute soliciting outside of the local public library in broad daylight, three blocks from the police station. She was an older harlot who had already attracted a line of Muslim immigrant males waiting in their cars for their turn.
Another group of people trying to release females and children from sexual trafficking in the Twin Falls area run a sting operation through Craigslist; they say that their primary responders are migrant males. Ruf told me: “In the last four months the demographics of our area have dramatically shifted and we’ve been profoundly affected by what we suspect is secondary migration. We locals intend to survey the population to discover the source of this massive influx. Thank you, Refugee Resettlement Program, for increasing prostitution and undoubtedly the STD rate in our community.”
 Picture of refugee apartment below--this is how they deteriorate housing...for more pictures see  http://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2016/07/26/geller-muslim-migrants-devastate-community/

“The poll shows that instead of dividing Americans, immigration is an issue where Americans have reached the consensus that it is a problem, maybe the problem,” said Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Marketing. Sixty one percent of voters believe that any politician, “who would rather import foreign workers to take jobs rather than give them to current U.S. residents, is unfit to hold office.”  
Roughly three out of four voters— including nearly three out of four Democrat voters— believe that “instead of giving jobs and healthcare to millions of refugees from around the world, we should rebuild our inner cities and put Americans back to work.”

8/1-Illegal Syrians granted amnesty by Obama's Homeland Security
 Homeland Security granted a new temporary amnesty Monday to more than 8,000 Syrians living in the U.S. right now, saying they can remain for up to 18 months longer no matter what their legal status.
Secretary Jeh Johnson issued “temporary protected status” to Syrians, saying that if they are in the U.S. as of Monday and continue to reside here permanently, they can apply for work permits and other documents to remain and live in the U.S. without fear of being ousted.  Those eligible for TPS include any Syrian illegal immigrants who have managed to sneak into or remain in the U.S. beyond their visa expirations over the past four years.
So we continue to reward illegal entry and disregard for our laws!
Only one who can stop this is voting for the only candidate who can win, and will stop it--Donald Trump! He's far from perfect but seems to be the only one interested in halting the refugees coming here.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

NEW 7/31-Muslim cleric supports sex slaves/ US and London attacks warned by ISIS/ Islamic attack beheads priest/ Paris getting ready for Civil War/ Muslims fighting police in the streets/latest Syrian Refugee attack in Germany/Hillary's VP ties to terrorists

7/27 ISIS warns London and Washington DC of attacks 
Click here to see ISIS suspects in each US state and Islamic attack planned by Arizona terrorist 
NEW!! Muslim cleric tells Islamic boys that sex slaves are OK 
7/31 Islamic refugee attacks yet another Christian church 
Obama supported ISIS   -click here
Did you know?  I’ve heard several times lately that some Americans think that the US refugee program is a temporary one for the refugees, that they only come here until things calm down in their home countries.  That is NOT the case! Refugees who come to the US come here permanently and ultimately become citizens.
7/25-Last night another "Syrian Refugee" terrorist attack in Germany
" A failed asylum seeker from Syria who blew himself up close a packed German festival in a suspected Islamist suicide attack was facing deportation to Bulgaria, it has emerged today...."

**New  Islamic Terrorists Behead Priest 07/26/2016
    Read here          ISIS butchers Priest
"Father Jacques Hamel, believed to be 86-years-old, was the priest slaughtered by the duo as A’maq news agency, which is affiliated with ISIS, has officially reported that “two soldiers of the Islamic State” carried out the savage attack. Supporters of the depraved death cult are celebrating the horrific attack at the church which was reportedly on a terrorist ‘hit list’"
Paris is on the knife’s edge-watch this video

From the Daily Mail:
Growing tensions between the ‘extreme Right and the Muslim world’ have pushed France to the ‘verge of a civil war’, the country’s most senior security chief has warned.
Patrick Calvar, head of the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) – France’s equivalent of MI5 – made his claim in the wake of last year’s terrorist attacks on Paris.
A total of 147 people were murdered by terrorists in the capital during atrocities in January and November. …
‘I think we will win against terrorism,’ Mr. Calvar said, but predicted the ‘confrontation between the extreme Right and the Muslim world’, adding: ‘We’re on the verge of a civil war. I think this confrontation is going to happen. One or two more attacks and it will take place. It is up to us to anticipate and stop all those groups who would trigger clashes.’”
A further news item from Express:
Jonathan Miller, an elected city councilor in southern France, said “the mood is turning nasty” after the country was hit by its third terror attack in 18 months. Mr. Miller said: “Normally, it takes quite a bit to excite my neighbors under the languid southern sun, but as one horror has followed another, I am no longer taking for granted that they will put up with this much longer.
“An isolated immigrant population and a strident right-wing political faction in a country awash with guns has created a toxic and explosive mixture. “France, a nation long considered a beacon of liberty and stability, may be on the edge of something resembling a civil war.”
He said members at a local hunting club, who are legally entitled to carry firearms, are preparing for a bloody conflict – with membership quadrupling in recent months.
Mr. Miller revealed: “I wish I could say this was just hysterical exaggeration. But the evidence does not support complacency. “The new members are not all motivated by the love of shooting sports. Benoit, a local olive farmer who owns more than a dozen rifles, pistols and shotguns, as well as an AK-47 assault rifle, admitted to me this weekend something much darker. “‘They’re getting ready for a war,’ he said.””

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"Refugees" in Idaho--It's about the MONEY/Islamic plots in US/Not screening refugees for virus in US/Refugee ax attack against passengers

"Refugees" in Idaho--It's about the MONEY
"The most important points you need to know about what refugee resettlement is all about comes together in the wake of that awful sexual assault of a little girl in Twin Falls, Idaho by migrant boys (they still refuse to call them refugees).
Local government officials lashed out at citizens who wanted answers because they needed to shut them up—why? Because this city is invested in Chobani Yogurt’s largest plant in the world which is in turn dependent on cheap refugee/immigrant labor (some call it slave labor!).
By suggesting that a large refugee population may not be good for your town, you ruin their carefully crafted narrative.
Refugee resettlement is about MONEY and power and to hell with whether it changes the social, economic and cultural makeup of your home town or threatens your security. So-called humanitarian compassion is the cover for a lot of very dirty business."  Read more at link above

Calling you hateful or racist is how they shut up anyone who dares to look more deeply into the scheme that includes foreign interests (many of the big meatpackers drawing refugee labor are foreign owned!), the UN, the US State Department, Dems looking for voters and everyone involved, including the so-called ‘religious charities, looking to line their pockets while telling themselves they are doing God’s work!
In another Hohmann/WND investigation on the situation there we learn that the Mayor of Twin Falls, who gave a sanctimonious speech when citizens became emotionally enraged by the bits of the story that were leaking out about the sexual assault of the little girl (were the accused boys’ family members working at Chobani, that is what I would like to know!), is also the President of the Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental in bringing the massive Chobani Yogurt plant to the city.
USA not screening refugees for deadly virus
None of the estimated 400,000 refugees who have entered the United States since 2010 were screened for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in their overseas medical screenings, thanks to a change in federal regulations made by the Obama administration that year.
Even though all refugees are encouraged to participate in an initial domestic medical screening that does include HIV testing within 90 days of entering the country, no one knows how many HIV positive refugees have arrived in the United States in the subsequent six and a half years, since participation in these screenings is voluntary and a significant percentage of refugees simply choose not to be screened. The number of HIV positive refugees who have entered the country since 2010 may be at least 2,000, or approximately 350 per year, and is probably significantly higher.  No one knows exactly how much state and federal taxpayers are paying to treat HIV positive refugees.
NEW-Terrorist attacks increasing due to immigration mishandling 
I’ve heard several times lately that some Americans think that the US refugee program is a temporary one for the refugees, that they only come here until things calm down in their home countries.  That is NOT the case! Refugees who come to the US come here permanently and ultimately become citizens.
Islamic plots against USA rises 
Purpose of refugees is to frighten Americans to allow police state
German refugee attacks train passengers with ax 
Germany has been racked by violence committed by Muslim refugees. Muslim refugees have been accused of harassing Christian church workers and raping women. German states have recently made it easier to deport misbehaving refugees.

Read more at http://americanactionnews.com/articles/breaking-radical-muslim-attacks-train-passengers#QQCHuvPBxgXO93bL.99

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Want to do something about the Twin Falls Rape of 5 year old girl by Muslim refugees?/France cover-up of torture/ 1 million more Muslim refugees to US

Breaking!-France covered up Islamic terrorists torture of citizens
Hillary to bring 1 million Muslims to US if elected 
 "Between 2001 and 2013, the U.S. permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim migrants on green cards. However, under Hillary Clinton’s stated proposals, Muslim immigration would grow substantially faster, adding nearly one million Muslim migrants to the U.S. during her first term alone..."

Another horrific but entirely avoidable tragedy occurred with the “lone” terrorist attack on civilians celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France. This kind of thing is a predictable consequence of unfettered immigration where in France the Muslim population is now 10% or more. As we know, most Muslims are not going to do this kind of thing, but their presence in large numbers creates no-go zones– something like 750 in France – where terrorists can hide and plot with impunity, and offers ripe opportunity to recruit from among those looking for a way to vent their individual issues. Unlike other religions, Islam provides a ready outlet for frustrated and angry people to blame others – with extreme violence. The key, and the thing that needs to be recognized, is Islamic Sharia law. It goes against everything we believe and sets up an alternative political system that justifies all kinds of destructive behavior.

In any event, make no mistake, this kind of thing is coming here, and will spin wildly out of control if we don’t stop it soon. In France, they say it is too late already. As the perennial optimist I think “never say never,” but France and Europe overall have imported a problem that may well be beyond fixing. We can’t let that happen here
Borders threatened by Muslim immigration 

This is an AWESOME LETTER sent by Representative Heather Scott to all 105 Idaho Legislators. She is on our side BIG TIME! https://idlso.app.box.co/s/jwpr8ztcy71pk1mgwl6bmd0aci4qfns2
Go to this link to thank her, to tell your Representatives to pay attention to what she said and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
The second link is to tell your Senator the same thing.
IT'S TIME for them to hear from YOU!

https://legislature.idaho.gov/house/membership.cfm https://legislature.idaho.gov/senate/membership.cfm
In case you don't know their names, "Who's my legislator?" is at this link. https://legislature.idaho.gov/who'smylegislator.htm

Want to do more?

Dear Friends:  We know a lot of us were very upset--and still are--about the recent events involving the rape of a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls.  There is a growing population of Muslim refugees in the Magic Valley area due to the efforts of the College of Southern Idaho as a VOLAG--volunteer agency to bring in refugees, for which they get paid per refugee--and of Chobani Yogurt to bring in as many Muslims as they can--a stated objective of the head of this company.
Act! for America in Twin Falls is very active in trying to educate the populace to what is happening, what will be the likely outcome of increased immigration to the area, and what we can do to fight back to stop this increasing flood of followers of Islam into our state.  As part of their efforts, they have invited the national leader of Act! for America, Brigitte Gabriel, to come and address the issues. 
Brigitte will be at Roper Auditorium in Twin Falls on Thursday, August 4, 2016, at 7 p.m. and we urge you to attend and to let as many people as possible know about this event.  We, too, need to work to educate others about this increasing threat to our state, our country, and our way of life. Here is a link to follow in order to get your FREE tickets to this event:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/brigitte-gabriel-presentation-tickets-25806264231.