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Lastest US Mall Muslim terrorist attack/$500 Billion tax for refugees/immigrants in US/jobs lost to refugees and migrants/dangerous UN-Obama plans for refugees/No Christian refugees

9/29-2 Egyptians removed bomb left by Chelsea bomber "Two men seen removing an unexploded bomb from a wheeled duffel bag left on the street by the Chelsea bomber have been identified by the FBI. Officials say the pair are both Egyptian pilots who have since left the U.S., presumably to return to Egypt, ABC News reports.....  

9/26/****Truth about Seattle Washington MALL Muslim killer 
 "At a news conference, officials said they had not ruled out any possible motives for why 20-year-old Arcan Cetin allegedly shot four women and one man at the Cascade Mall in Burlington Friday evening."  He is a Muslim, but who will dare report this?
Click here-This same Muslim non-citizen terrorist voted in 3 federal elections illegally in the state=most recent sign of massive voter fraud
First time in history and the bravery shows! Click to see the truth from those who are trying to protect us
500 Billion dollar immigration/refugee tax on Americans
new Sept. 22 immigration study was funded by the pro-immigration John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
The jargon-filled, much-caveated, 495-page report does show the information needed to measure how legal and illegal immigration transfers $500 billion a year from the wages paid to working-Americans towards companies, firms, Wall Street investors and to new immigrants. But the report does not provide a dollar figure for the ‘immigration tax.’
Deep in the report, but not in the press release, it shows how each new unskilled immigrant costs state and local taxpayers $1,600 per year. It shows how the annual cost of legal and illegal immigration to state and local taxpayer is at least $57 billion, and that each unskilled immigrant is a net loss to taxpayers for the next 75 years.
Deep in the report, it says that state and local taxpayers lose at least $57 billion per year hosting the current wave of legal and illegal immigrants, because the migrants can’t earn enough money or pay enough taxes to fund the various benefits they and their children get from American taxpayers.
 Officials at a prestigious private D.C.-based think-tank are trying to hide their data showing how immigration is imposing massive costs on wage-earners and on taxpayers.Hundreds of pages inside the report, but not in the summary, it shows that the latest wave of legal and illegal immigrants aren’t integrating to the U.S. economy as fast as prior generations, and sit hows that only university-trained foreign migrants can pay their way in the United States by taking white-collar jobs sought by university-trained Americans.  Low-skill immigration results in a net cost for taxpayers, while high-skill immigration produces a net gain"
***9/24-At least 5 Americans killed in Seattle mall by "suspect" 
Dangerous Refugee Plans hatched by Obama and UN  "The Obama administration cannot even properly handle immigrants due for deportation who are already in the country. How can we possibly believe that it can reliably vet individuals from Syria and other terrorist infested countries where comprehensive accurate data regarding such individuals are sorely lacking?

  For example, according to a report released on September 19th by the Homeland Security Department's inspector general, hundreds of immigrants were improperly granted citizenship despite missing fingerprint records. They were from "special interest countries" – countries of particular concern for national security reasons. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a report on September 8. 2016, that found at least 858 individuals that had previously been ordered deported or removed from the country were mistakenly granted citizenship under a different name because their digital fingerprint records were not available.  These individuals have not been investigated or denaturalized.  (i.e. They will not fix this"mistake".....nothing will be done to stop these illegals or criminals from enjoying US citizenship status and benefits!)

Nevertheless, President Obama is making the admission of more refugees and migrants his going away gift to the American people.  He has announced that the United States will welcome even more refugees from around the world, increasing the number of people the U.S. receives by 40 percent over the next two years, to 100,000 in 2017. He also wants to admit more Syrian refugees in particular, which Hillary Clinton has already announced she would do if elected president.
 Obama’s problem, however, is that when he talks about “shared security” and “collective responsibilities,” he glides over the first priority of the leader of any nation including his own – the security of its people.  The Obama administration is simply incapable of ensuring that refugees resettled in communities across the United States do not pose terror threats. And Obama surely failed to provide such assurance when he bizarrely stated at his Leaders Summit on Refugees that“refugees are subject to more rigorous screening than the average tourist.” Not exactly a high bar to exceed.
NO CHRISTIAN REFUGEES- Liberals have often used this false analogy of Syrian refugees to Jewish refugees escaping Nazi genocide. Ian Tuttle answered it with devastating precision in a National Review article last November:
“There was no international conspiracy of German Jews in the 1930s attempting to carry out daily attacks on civilians on several continents. No self-identifying Jews in the early 20th century were randomly massacring European citizens in magazine offices and concert halls.”
Moreover, Christians constitute a religious minority in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East who have been the amongst the most targeted victims of religious persecution and genocide. Yet President Obama has sharply criticized the suggestion that persecuted Christians be given preference for admission as refugees. Only about 1 percent of the total number of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States are Christian. Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, approximately 96% of the Syrian refugees admitted to the United States by the Obama administration have been Sunni Muslims...It would make far more sense for Muslims displaced by the war in Syria to resettle in countries in their own region where they are more likely to assimilate into the majority Muslim populations. And they would be closer to their homes in Syria, so that if conditions improve sufficiently they can more easily return safely. "
 Obama's final 'determination' sent to Capitol Hill a week ago calls for a ceiling*** of 110,000 refugees from all over the world for Fiscal year 2017 which begins in 8 days.  He did not indicate how many of those would be Syrians but recently we learned that 20,000-30,000 would likely be Syrian Muslims.
the National Clean Energy Summit 7.0 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on September 4, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Political and economic leaders are attending the summit to discuss a domestic policy agenda to advance alternative energy for the country's future.
Hillary and John Podesta (working for George Soros) started the Center for American Progress and you can bet if she gets in the White House, the two of them will open the floodgates to the third world.

Hillary’s choice of Tim Kaine reveals her intentions as president to continue the Obama policy of promoting the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran and betraying Israel. The choice of Kaine also reveals Hillary’s reckless disregard for homeland security. She has chosen a man who is willing to cozy up to well-known terror-promoters here in America in exchange for cash.

he media wants us to think Donald Trump is dangerous. This is the face of danger: Clinton-Kaine, importers of "jihadi" terror to America.


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9/21-Terrorist posing as US refugees/ Terrorist attacks/ DID YOU KNOW it costs $64,370 of your taxes for EACH REFUGEE? +$4.6 million more is now given for their "emotional wellness"

 Muslim refugee terror of bloody attacks in USA
 "one Saturday, two Muslim refugees and a wave of national terror 1,200 miles apart....Islamic terrorism is caused by Muslim migration."
Refugee resettlement is becoming our biggest terror threat. Obama wants to hike next year’s refugee admissions to 110,000. That’s a 57% increase since 2015. The summer’s statistics showed that more Muslims were being admitted as refugees than Christians.
This weekend’s wave of terror is the result of our refugee policy. And that policy is getting worse.
Ahmad Khan Rahami and Dahir Adan were the products of our refugee policy of yesteryear. Today’s refugee policy will have far deadlier consequences and produce far more terror attacks.
Saturday was a bloody day of Muslim terror, but as the red tide of Muslim migration washes up on our shores, every day in our future will be a day of Muslim terror.
Only ending Muslim migration can stop that.

9/21-US State dept. admits terrorists posing as refugees
FYI-"State Department spokesman John Kirby acknowledged Wednesday that Islamic State terrorists are trying to mingle with refugee populations overseas in the hopes of making it to the U.S. posing as a refugee.
"I wouldn't debate the fact that there's the potential for ISIS terrorists to try to insert themselves, and we see that in some of the refugee camps in Jordan and in Turkey, where they try to insert themselves into the population," Kirby said on "Fox and Friends."
3 US cities in 3 hours hit by terrorists 
Mall murders by Muslim in Minnesota
Bombs in New York and New Jersey
Muslim terrorists tied to bombings in New York, New Jersey, and local terror cell
Obama orders refugees into states where governors object

**NEW-"Each refugee admitted into the United States from the Middle East costs taxpayers an estimated $64,370 to resettle" Did you know it costs $64,370 US taxes for each refugee?
"4.6 Million tax dollars given to refugees for "emotional wellness".  The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) invites States to submit applications for Refugee Health Promotion (RHP) discretionary grant funds,” the grant forecast says. “The purpose of the RHP grant is to support health and emotional wellness among refugees. The program is designed to coordinate and promote local health and mental health services and education.”
The agency said the funding would be in addition to Medicaid and programs that provide cash and medical assistance for refugees."
 FYI-US Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services is 97% taxpayer fundedLutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is 95% funded by you, and USCRI, another of the nine federal contractors, is 97% funded by you- 
Boise has more Syrian refugees than New York and LA combined-click link
 "In the words of Hassan al-Banna, creator of the Muslim Brotherhood (1929), “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and extend its laws to the entire planet.”
FYI-"Out of 10,000 Syrian refugees only 56 are Christian!

Read more here:

    Zip code find your Rep:
   Find your U.S. Senator:
Finally, the phone numbers listed for the House leadership are their leadership offices. It is actually better to call their congressional offices. You will have to look up those numbers in the directory linked above.  Tell them to STOP the funding of refugees!

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How you are supporting Refugee resettlement (whether you know it or not)+ lastest refugee facts that effect our kids and grandkids

New!  Toolkit put out by the Office of Refugee Resettlement-Your tax dollars are paying for this! It tells you how to “craft a message” that responds to peoples’ perceptions but not reality. Telling you how to lie.
August has been a big month for refugee resettlement.   Watch here:
  USCCB sponsors “Justice for Immigrants” engaging in PR promotion on our tax dollars. Isn’t that illegal?[capwiz:queue_id
Big push by the resettlement industry, including mass mailings to Congress that you are paying for:
Listing of refugee bills which includes the Democrat bills which are all pro-refugee.
 A fantastic study by the Illinois Policy Center on welfare  proves importing cheap labor  (i.e. refugees) is not cheap. Literally. Of course we know of all the societal illnesses created by mass immigration, whether from Muslim nations or not. But literally, getting a worker for $8/hour vs $15 for an American does not cost any less because the difference is made up in welfare benefits which WE pay for in taxes and government debt. It is nothing less than a massive subsidy to corporations for their cheap labor. The only way to solve the problem is to reduce welfare – not import masses of people who don’t like us but want to enjoy the privileges of living here. We did reform welfare in 1996 and it was showing results, but one of Obama’s first extra-legal actions was in 2009 to rewrite the regulations governing that law to render it irrelevant.
But the IPC illustrates the issue graphically and goes into great depth to explain how it is literally crazy for low income people to attempt to advance today because welfare benefits they lose are massive –
Even greater, for Illinois anyway, than described in the CATO Institute study  ( The following article reveals that a single mother is better off in Chicago taking $8.25/hr and welfare than $30/hr. and none! The graphs particularly are startling.
And here is the actual IPC study:
 Following is an Episcopal Migration Ministries webinar about “welcoming refugees.” This is an instructive video about how they sell their product, i.e. refugee resettlement
 Great video on Britain exporting Islamic terrorism:
Our illustrious Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, spoke to a group of our enemies recently. He seems to have been right at home with the terrorists and holocaust deniers. You can’t make this stuff up:
German Islamist preacher on trial for terror connections:
The role of the Saudis and Islamic Fundamentalism.  A more accurate headline might be: "Saudis and Extremism: Pyromaniacs and Hypocrites"